Interview for Success – how to answer the toughest interview question – 'tell me about yourself?'

How long has it been since your last interview?

How did you feel when you first sat down in front of your interviewers?

Pretty nervous is a common response to this question. Most of us feel the same with our thoughts racing about the questions that will be asked, which one will be first and how do I stand out from the other applicants.

Hi, I’m Rex from Clear Coaching.

This short course – how to answer the toughest interview question – tell me about yourself

- will help you to feel confident, start your interview well and set the rest of your interview up for success.

Did you know that the most common interview question is – ‘tell me about yourself’... and it’s normally asked first!

How you respond can have a huge impact on your chances of success as, first impressions matter!

In this course we will deep dive into our proven step by step process to successfully respond to this question and provide you with a great example.

As a bonus – you will be able to download a worksheet so you can create your own response – and be successful at your next interview.

By the end of this course you will –

·        Feel more confident at every job interview

·        Start your interview well and present yourself as a strong candidate - better than ever before

·        Seamlessly answer the toughest and most common interview question – tell me about yourself

·        Stand out from the crowd and get the job you deserve

Are you ready – lets get straight into it

About The Course:

"Tell me about yourself?" - possibly one of the toughest questions - that's often asked first - during a job interview.

Starting your interview well not only makes you stand out from the crowd but also increases your confidence for the entire interview.

This course will deep dive into the best way to respond to this question by:

  • teaching you our proven process and structure on the best way to respond
  • sharing insights and examples for each step in the process
  • providing you with a worksheet and action plan so you can develop your own strong response
  • sharing top tips on how to quickly connect with your interviewer or the panel of interviewers, and
  • putting it all together with a completed example response with BONUS tips to interview success

This course will get you to think differently and help you to feel confident and in control at your next job interview opportunity.



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